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Finished vehicle logistics - from line end to recycling.

As a leading technology service provider and logistics service provider for the international automotive industry, for manufacturers of agricultural machines and construction machines, and the car rental and leasing Business as well as automotive retail, MOSOLF has successfully shown that a family-owned business with qualified colleagues and innovative concepts and actions can achieve a lot.

What has remained unchanged is our consistent orientation towards the wishes of our customers - since 1955.

We keep you up-to-date.


12/07/2018  |  MOSOLF vehicle painter best of the Chamber of Crafts South Baden

The Chamber of Crafts Freiburg recently honored the best young craftsmen and craftswomen in South Baden and their training companies in an official ceremony.

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11/06/2018  |  MOSOLF introduces new telematics

MOSOLF is taking a further step towards digitalization and a transparent value chain. From line end to recycling, the various processes within vehicle logistics should be made visible for our customers, including transport status or progress reports...

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08/13/2018  |  The first MOSOLF mobility hackathon in retrospect

The first MOSOLF Mobility Hackathon was an outstanding event for all involved and a complete success.

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11/19/2018  |  MOSOLF France opens new business site in the country

A new MOSOLF technical and logistics centre is being established in a central location near Paris-Vatry airport.

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09/19/2018  |  New Managing Director at AFG Allgemeine Fahrzeugübernahme-Gesellschaft mbH

Stefan Schönbrunn becomes Managing Director of MOSOLF subsidiary AFG Allgemeine Fahrzeugübernahme-Gesellschaft mbH. He succeeds Bernhard Ewe, who will retire at the end of this year.

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05/02/2018  |  MOSOLF and Autokontor Bayern pool their expertise

The MOSOLF Group is taking over the vehicle logistics specialist and fleet service partner, Autokontor Bayern GmbH. As a result, the MOSOLF Group is broadening its corporate network by adding eight more technical and logistics sites and is expanding...

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