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"As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a lorry driver. As a child, I often accompanied my dad when he was driving his lorry. After finishing school I visited Mosolf’s website to find out about the various apprenticeship opportunities in the transport division, and after talking things over with friends it became clear to me that an apprenticeship as an HGV driver was the right decision. I spent the first part of my training program working in the workshop and in the office learning about administrative processes and the equipment I would be working with in the future. I took my HGV licence at age 18. During an induction phase that lasted several months, I worked as a second driver and learned how to load and unload various types of vehicles, how to process customer orders, plan routes, read maps and other important skills. I am now solely responsible for an HGV and trailer with 430 horsepower that weighs 35 tonnes and is over 20m long. I love being in control of a machine this size. I like long-distance driving the best. I am often on the road for days at a time, but I get to drive to lots of different places throughout Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. I think it’s great that Mosolf has given me so much responsibility despite just being 19 years old."