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"I started working for Mosolf as a painter in 1997. Over time I have taken on more responsibility, first the paint-mixing department and then overseeing material management. After working for the company for six years, I took the opportunity to take some time out and began training as a master painter. The company supported me in any way it could. For instance, I was given permission to work on my test vehicle in the workshop and my job was kept open for me to return after I had finished my course. With my master's qualification under my belt, the company initially employed me as a foreman and today I am a master painter responsible for around 30 employees. I love my job and the challenges it presents. I constantly need to redefine processes and adapt them to suit requirements to meet continuously changing customer demands and products. I also love the company's networked and cross-location approach. With my wealth of experience I am always available to support colleagues at other sites. Starmind, a newly developed know-how network, also allows me to answer a wide range of questions and share my expertise with others."