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"My first job for the company was as an administrator in purchasing, accounting and storage. After completing my degree in business management and writing my dissertation at Mosolf, I began working for the company as a project manager for customised superstructures and special projects. What I appreciate most about the company are the excellent development opportunities that have been offered to me throughout my career. After working as an executive assistant, I was promoted to manage the automotive department; I am currently operations manager at ACM Kippenheim. I chose Mosolf because it is a very modern company, and one that offers future security. The combination of demanding and varied customer orders and projects in the automotive and engineering field is what makes my work so interesting. One particularly rewarding experience was the opportunity to take part in the company’s internal young professionals’ programme - Mosolf Leadership Development (MLD). I not only gained valuable expertise, the practical component at Mostva in Poland offered me insights into their operative processes. I also got the chance to meet lots of great colleagues outside of ACM. I am still in contact with many of them and we often swap information and experiences."