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"When I was younger I dreamed of being a professional HGV driver, which is why I was interested in Mosolf as it is well known as the region’s largest logistics service provider. I spent three eventful and interesting years as an apprentice HGV driver and, after qualifying, Mosolf asked me if I would like to take a further training course to become a transport and logistics clerk. This gave me the opportunity to get to know the company from a completely different perspective. During this time I became increasingly interested in the quality management department where I now work. My job allows me to make use of my practical experience from both fields and help find solutions in our team. The challenges of the job include working with customers, drivers and their supervisors, as well as the networks between the individual company departments. The things I like about Mosolf include the teamwork approach, the future prospects available to the employees thanks to the further training programs and the room for personal development by way of internal projects, for instance."