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"I have worked for the company since 2006 and currently head the customer order management team in the Fleet Business department. After completing my A-levels I wanted to begin an apprenticeship in logistics. My father, who also works in the automobile industry, recommended Mosolf as one of the region’s largest logistics companies in the automotive industry. After successfully completing my apprenticeship I was offered a position as an assistant in sales and marketing. The customer order department was established in the wake of a restructuring initiative and I was offered the position as team leader/order manager in the Fleet Business team. I was given a project that involved further optimization of the newly implemented IT system. The system is now running transparently, quickly and efficiently and my colleagues see it as an indispensable  tool. Our company policy is based on reliability and quality; these are the principles that form the foundation of our work, which is something I really like about Mosolf. I am proud of working here because I believe that we are without a doubt the best 'automotive' partner."