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German Academy für Forein Trade and Logistics (DAV)

Management studies für practitioners

For over 50 years, DAV graduates have been holding positions in top and senior management with medium-sized and globally operating companies in logistics, retail, and manufacturing. Ever since its foundation in 1960, DAV’s philosophy for education implied the development of courses of study that are topical, particularly address the needs for practitioners, and are designed to teach contemporary management styles. Besides a professional academic faculty, DAV has always been strongly integrating experienced industry experts to teach throughout the entire range of courses and topics. As such, DAV has ever been combining theory and practice to the best advantage of the students that also include multiple field trips to learn from best-in-class practices. The academy’s reputation for excellent education is therefore widely spread amongst logistics specialists and DAV’s global partner institutions. DAV’s study programs (e.g. “International Logistics Management”) are designed for young professionals with a completed two to three year apprenticeship and some first work experience of a minimum of 12 months. The programs aim to enhance the students’ management skills and logistics expertise, and prepare them to become logistics specialists and take leadership positions at junior or even senior level after graduation.Potential students may enroll to the full time program (2 years) or for the part-time program (3 years) and graduate as Business Economist (State Certified). DAV graduates have a number of opportunities for direct and subsequent studies. One of them is the Master of Science, MSc (full time, 12 months) with our partner Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Another option is the Bachelor of Arts (honors), B.A. (hons) (full time, 9 months) in business management with our longtime partner Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, UK. Furthermore DAV graduates have the possibility to apply for the Master of Business Administration, MBA (part-time, 18 months) with our most recent partner, the European College of Business and Management (ECBM) in cooperation with the John Moores University in Liverpool. Besides the studies in “International Business Management”, DAV offers a short course to prepare for the German national diploma “Geprüfter Fachwirt für Güterverkehr und Logistik” (Transport Manager). This course is designed for practitioners with a completed apprenticeship scheme and first work experience who aim to climb the career ladder to middle management. Being one of the top institutions for this short course in Germany, DAV has successfully been preparing participants over the last 25 years. Horst Mosolf GmbH & Co. KG International Transport Agency is very in favor of the DAV and several graduates already occupy top positions at Mosolf.