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A qualified training forms the basis for a successful start of your career. Our objective is to provide motivated and committed young
people the best possible training. The MOSOLF Group offers a number of interesting, varied and demanding vocations,in both the
technical and the commercial sector. In an environment of state-of-the-art Technology and much innovative powerand supported
by helpful colleagues our trainees get the perfect start into their career.


In a dynamic company like the MOSOLF Group, qualified young staff are of huge importance. The bachelor training (B.A.) done incooperation
with Berufsakademie Lörrach takes account of this. The dual concept allows an up-to-date and practical curriculum,a transfer of know-how
between the academy and company and a contribution of teaching staff who have practical experience.This links theoretical knowledge with
a number of practical qualifications. The academy course is a three-year course.In the six theory stages at the academy, the curriculum of a
university-equivalent course is imparted, while the six practicalstages at the company increase and complete this knowledge. Our students
receive a monthly payment for the entire three years.