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D-26723 EMDEN

Size:  80.000 m²
Production area:  6.000 m²
Warehouse capacity:  3.500 vehicles
Turn over capacity:  50.000 vehicles / p.a.


Transport, transshipment & storage

  • Vehicle transshipment with all handling activities
  • Removal of transport protection
  • Correct storage of vehicles
  • Running of warehouse care measures
  • Separate storage of keys and vehicle documents
  • Spare parts handling
  • Customs clearance

Support from line end to market entry

  • Inspection and repair work
  • Quality controls
  • Installation of peripheral equipment
  • Mechanics, bodywork and paint Jobs
  • Assembly operations
  • Vehicle preparation as extended workbench
  • Vehicle finish
  • Pre-delivery inspection

Service, technology and logistics assistance for fleet operators

  • Incoming goods inspection / Removal of transport protection
  • Vehicle washing & cleaning
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Fleet-specific decals
  • Implementation services
  • Vehicle calibration / calibration of digital tachographs
  • Production of special series for the fleet-specific use
  • Installation of optional equipment
  • Vehicle conversions, fixtures and disassembly
  • Logistics from MTL to the receiver/customer

Take-back process of fleet and leasing vehicles

  • Logistics for retrieval from, e.g. stations, customers, etc. to the MOSOLF technology centre and logistics centre
  • Vehicle documentation in the system
  • Incoming goods inspection (incl. examination for damages, equipment details, etc.)
  • Vehicle washing & cleaning
  • Fleet-specific decals on vehicles
  • Removal of, e.g. first-aid box, warning triangle, reflective vest, etc.
  • De-registration and removal of license plate
  • Examination and evaluation of vehicles
  • Repairs in line with defined standards
  • Reworking according to defined standards
  • Coating
  • Vehicle disassembly / conversion
  • Production of special models
  • Inspection and repair work
  • General inspection
  • Downgrading
  • SMART/SPOT repair
  • Promotional measures
  • Logistics from Mosolf technology centre and logistics centre (MTL) to the receiver/customer

Individualisation / small series

  • Assembly and conversion of cars and transporters for public authorities, local authorities, trade, fleet operators and driving Schools
  • Downgrading to close-to-production state
  • Special series for manufacturers and dealers