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1959 - Development of an innovative structure

65 Years MOSOLF - Milestones of automotive logistics

From the beginning, Horst Mosolf set great store on the highest quality and the latest technology; he was often the first to find and implement innovative solutions. In order to increase the company’s loading capacity, in 1959 it acquired another special transporter, which was the first of its kind in Germany. This vehicle was a two-axle Büssing LU 77 capped with a structure on which a sort of intermediate floor could be mounted to cross-beams attached halfway up the roof bows of the loading area. This created a double-decker that could transport four vehicles at the same time. A matching trailer offered space for another four cars.

The visionary Horst Mosolf had recognized the signs of the times, with his car transports filling a gap in the market with enormous potential for growth. The automotive industry became the locomotive of the German Wirtschaftswunder. Year for year, the production figures continued to climb. And yet the automobile boom in West Germany was just getting started in 1960. The export market was thriving as well. ‘Made in Germany’ came to stand for quality all over the world.