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1972 - the removal of transit protection coatings as a new service

65 Years MOSOLF - Milestones of automotive logistics

Besides interim storage, from the outset Mosolf offered an additional service in Illingen, which showed how the company reacted to the dealers’ needs: the removal of transit protection coatings.

Automobile manufacturers shipped their new vehicles covered with a kind of wax film to protect the vehicle during transport. Before a new vehicle could go to a car dealer’s showroom, this coating had to be washed off with hot water and a solvent. Marianne Mosolf relates: ‘At that time we were the first in southern Germany to have a fully automated de-waxing system, which collected the water and the wax in large tanks so that they could be reused. We used the wax for heating. With this service we acquired more new customers.’ For the dealers this service was extremely advantageous, as the vehicles delivered had often been in interim storage for long periods, during which they were exposed to wind and weather. By contrast, every car that came from Mosolf was clean, and thus immediately ready for sale.