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1987 - Moving to Dettinger Strasse

65 Years MOSOLF - Milestones of automotive logistics

In view of the sustained growth, and thus also increasing numbers of employees, in 1986 the time came when the premises spread across multiple buildings at the headquarters on Faberweg were simply too small. So MOSOLF decided to have a spacious new headquarters erected on nearby Dettinger Straße. The new building is distinguished not only by the light rooms that correspond with its transparent workflows, equipped with the latest computer technology. 

The clocks in the entrance area showing times around the world make employees and users aware of the company’s international orientation as soon as they enter the building. The move took place in November 1987. As can be expected from a logistics company, there was a precisely planned schedule, so that relocation – with the vigorous support of the employees – was completed within a single week.