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1997 - Special Vehicle Construction starts in Kippenheim

65 Years MOSOLF - Milestones of automotive logistics

A Fiat employee had know-how from his previous occupation regarding the conversion of special purpose vehicles. In 1997, he successfully participated in a tender for the delivery of vehicles for undercover agents to the Hessian police. The conversion of 10 Lancia Kappa should be implemented in the central distribution center of Fiat Automobil AG. For MOSOLF this was completely new business, but not impossible. The necessary material was provided. First and foremost, it was about radio preparation with laying cables and installing an extendable, electrical antenna in the fender. The ACM in Kippenheim provided a suitable workshop space and qualified employees from vehicle electrics. This new order was implemented with combined forces.

In the years that followed, ACM and Fiat got more into the business with public authorities and organisations with security duties (BOS): Many individual vehicles were equipped, such as Fiat Ducatos for road maintenance and fire departments, Ulysse for ADAC breakdown services, Marea for ambulance vehicles. The first major series order came in 1998 with the conversion of Fiat Ducato for the riot police in the federal states. The first ceremonial vehicle handover including instruction in vehicle technology took place in Kippenheim. The conversions for THW and ABC-Explorers marked another important milestone in our special vehicle history in the early years. MOSOLF received more and more attention as a special purpose vehicles specialist.