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65 Years MOSOLF - Milestones of automotive logistics

1955 - It all started with a single truck

Ambition and creative energy were also characteristic for Horst Mosolf, who was happy only when he was moving. With vigilant eyes and open ears, always keeping abreast of the times, he had an excellent instinct for new business opportunities. When Horst Mosolf noticed how much time and money drivers had to spend in order to pick up their new cars, he got an idea: 'Customers collecting their own cars not only had to take days off in order to take the train to the factory, but they also had to get a temporary licence plate and have their new car inspected after 400 kilometers on the way back – otherwise they would lose their guarantee.'

Besides the necessary amount of money to invest in a truck, Horst Mosolf was also in need of courage and foresight to put his idea into action. Together with his wife Marianne, Horst Mosolf dared to start his own business and founded the company „Horst Mosolf Spedition und Transporte“ for vehicle transports and technical services on March 15, 1955.