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Challenged but ready - ECG Vehicle Logistics providers well prepared for a difficult future

While the challenges ahead are enormous, vehicle logistics providers in Europe feel well equipped to meet them. This was one of the central messages of the recent ECG Annual Conference held on 17/18th October in Berlin. ECG - The Asssociation of European Vehicle Logistics gave it the heading – “Fly Me to the Moon – Tomorrow’s Industry Today“

Falling sales figures for cars in China and Europe, trade conflicts between the EU and the US as well as between the US and China, and debates on environment and climate protection are just some of the problems facing the car industry and, as a result, vehicle logistics providers today. Tomorrow’s challenges are also just around the corner.
ECG president Wolfgang Göbel, Chief Sales Officer of the  German company Mosolf, cited, amongst others, online car sales reducing the number of car sellers, changing mobility preferences, sharing cars instead of buying them and the electrification of road transport.
“Never before have changes come so rapidly and tomorrow they will happen even faster“, says Göbel. However, ECG members feel prepared.  A long standing and highly productive working group on digitalisation and a recently created one on sustainability both help to prepare members for the future.  Together with the car manufacturers (OEMs) the service providers have developed a standardized forecasting tool which helps to  avoid inefficiencies on both sides. “But most important for raising awareness amongst our members is our annual conference“, underlines Göbel. In Berlin ECG members and other delegates followed presentations on the market situation and on future developments in the automotive industry.  


source: ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics