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Legends of vehicle history - RIVA Ferrari 32 Speedboat

In addition to vehicle transports, MOSOLF offers a broad portfolio of technical and mechanical services. Vehicle restorations are also included. One of our previous restoration highlights: A RIVA Ferrari 32 Speedboat.

Key Facts:

Year of construction: 1990
Production: 30 workpieces (limited)
Drive: 2x V8 Vulcano 400 engines
Power: 390 hp per engine
Project type: full restoration

Restoration steps:

  •     dismantling
  •     repair work due to damage and cracks in the rear area
  •     painting work: sanding, puttying, filling and paint measurements to restore the original color
  •     restoration of the waterline, the anti-fouling and the bathing platform with refueling as well as the interior

Under the professional guidance of our department heads from the bodywork and painting area and with the support of our trainees a very special customer request was met. It was a RIVA Ferrari 32 boat. According to Internet research, it should amount to 10 collector's items. The customer just wanted to get it fixed, but then everything changed ...

The customer is known for many years in Ketzin and appreciates not only the quality of our work but also our commitment. The paint was faded or "chalked" and we started with polishing tests and paint measurements to restore the original color. In addition, we had to determine a damage and various cracks at the boats tail. The client gave us his full confidence and together with him decided on a complete restoration for this exquisite Ferrari speedboat. The boat was dismantled to the core and the repair work of the damage and cracks were tackled. Then came the big paint job, since the boat has a length of 33 feet. Grinding, boxing and filling work was carried out. Then the paint came in the original color. With a special basecoat and a few layers of clear varnish, the Ferrari boat got new shine again. In the end, the waterline, the antifouling, the bathing platform with the planking and the interior were restored to their original state.

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