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Change of operating name: AFG is now known as MOSOLF Automotive Releasing Solutions GmbH

Kirchheim unter Teck, 14 October 2019 – The logistics services company known as Allgemeine Fahrzeugübernahme-Gesellschaft mbH (AFG), which the MOSOLF Group took over at the beginning of 2018, is now operating using the MOSOLF Automotive Releasing Solutions GmbH business name with immediate effect. As a result, the MOSOLF Group its pooling its expertise in the releasing solutions field in one unified brand.

“By changing the business name, we’re consolidating all our releasing activities within the MOSOLF Group in one internal business unit. We believe this will create an increase in efficiency and an even greater focus in this field,” says Dr Jörg Mosolf, CEO at MOSOLF.

The new business unit entitled “MOSOLF Automotive Releasing Solutions” covers the releasing sites at Hambach (France), Kornwestheim and Zwickau-Mosel as well as the AFG Group, which has its headquarters in Frankfurt/Main and its main administration centre in Rüsselsheim. It will also include the two subsidiaries, AFG Garching and AFG Regensburg. The business unit will be managed by Stefan Schönbrunn and Egon Christ.

MOSOLF Releasing Solutions handles the complete logistics procedures for new vehicles from the end of the production line for many well-known customers across Europe as a service partner. The work starts with making checks on the vehicles for any damage and defective parts as well as applying transport protection coatings. Its other services include the subsequent transfer of the vehicles to distribution centres and all the vehicle movements, but also providing intermediate storage and managing stocks. MOSOLF Automotive Releasing Solutions finally hands over the new vehicles to the truck and railway freight forwarders, port operators or shipping companies assigned to handle them and ensures seamless multimodal dispatch management.

As the shipment of vehicles is a complex process with many partial stages, there is a huge need for communications and coordination. The range of services therefore also includes modular IT solutions to monitor, network and manage the complete vehicle dispatch process.

“We’re still the leading service provider in this sector in Europe with our two Releasing Solutions and IT business units, even with the new operating name. Our customers therefore receive releasing as a system service from the MOSOLF Group, which offers the best processes with the lowest costs and clear chains of responsibility through one-stop shopping,” says Managing Director, Stefan Schönbrunn.