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MOSOLF France opens new business site in the country

A new MOSOLF technical and logistics centre is being established in a central location near Paris-Vatry airport.

Kirchheim/Teck, Hambach Cedex, 19 November 2018 – The MOSOLF Group, one of Europe’s leading automobile logistics companies, is expanding its presence in the important market of France. The new technical and logistics centre operated by MOSOLF France is located very close to Paris-Vatry airport at the ZAC business park situated in Bussy-Lettrée en Champagne. The new business site will be opened on 12 December 2018.

The German vehicle logistics specialist is gradually expanding its capacity for the French market through this business site in the Marne département. It is conveniently situated on the main north-south line between Antwerp and Barcelona and the Paris-Stuttgart route.  

The site, which currently measures 10 hectares, will be able to provide storage for up to 4,000 vehicles in future and as many as 150,000 vehicles will be transhipped by rail and road every year. Services like PDI, vehicle preparation or SMART repairs will also be offered at a new workshop space measuring 1,500 m2. The site in Bussy-Lettrée is due to undergo further expansion by 2020 to provide space measuring 40 hectares. The storage capacity will then be enough for approximately 15,000 vehicles and the size of the workshop will increase to 5,000 m2 so that the company can provide additional services like paint spraying, a photo booth or body work repairs, among others. There are plans to extend the space to a total of 80 hectares in the long term.  

The establishment of the new business site in France is part of the expansion strategy being pursued by the MOSOLF Group. After opening the logistics centre in Bussy-Lettrée, MOSOLF will have 38 business locations in Europe over all. The vehicle forwarding company had expanded its network of companies by eleven business sites in all simply by taking over the releasing agent, AFG Allgemeine Fahrzeugübernahme GmbH, at the beginning of the year and through the acquisition of AUTOKONTOR BAYERN GmbH in April 2018.

The automobile logistics specialist based in Kirchheim already has business operations in France at Hambach, where the subsidiaries, MLT MOSOLF Centre Logistique and MCT MOSOLF Centre Technique, handle matters like the transport management and technical services for the “smart” vehicle production site that is located in the vicinity.