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MOSOLF launches its new Compound Operating System CosMOS

The automobile logistics specialist and systems service partner MOSOLF is introducing a new operating system at its technical and logistics business sites. The Compound Operating System MOSOLF, or CosMOS for short, primarily provides customers with greater transparency and optimised processing times. However, it will also be able to cope with future technologies. The new system solution has been fully operating at the Wolfsburg business location since the beginning of December.

Kirchheim/Teck, 14.12.2017. With the introduction of CosMOS, MOSOLF is replacing its previous systems for managing order processes, MosPlatz and MosTech. The switch to the new platform has several benefits for customers: processes become more transparent from now on and operating movements are optimised – which ensures shorter processing times. This is visible for customers via the online application known as MYOUR, which provides information about the current status of each individual vehicle in real time. CosMOS also offers potential in the field of geofencing and calculating target deadlines. In addition, it provides improved reporting and assessment opportunities thanks to its standard start and stop time stamps for all activities.

“Technological change and new customer requirements introduced challenges that we could only master with increased effort and expenditure if we continued to use the old systems. Linking our systems to those of our customers called for an up-to-date technological platform – as we’ve now created with CosMOS. Through this new platform, we want to offer our customers the same high service standards for which we are known as a company on the market at each of the MOSOLF Group’s business sites in the long term,” says Wolfgang Göbel, Chief Sales Officer at MOSOLF. “And in the light of new technologies like autonomous driving, we will be in a much more flexible position with this new system as well as able to adapt quickly to requirements,” Steffen Job, Head of the CosMOS Project at MOSOLF, adds.

The business sites in the MOSOLF network will now gradually be connected to the new platform. Düsseldorf will be the next location to adopt the new operating system.