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MOSOLF uses blockchains for consignment notes

MOSOLF makes use of its first blockchain to document digital consignment notes in a forgery-proof manner by using distributed ledger technology

Kirchheim unter Teck, 22 January 2019 – Blockchains are now being used for logistics operations: MOSOLF is relying on a forgery-proof blockchain solution for its digital consignment notes. The local application, which is based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), makes it possible to provide security for processes and documents by means of smart contracts.

MOSOLF is working with both the technology consulting company, ETECTURE, which is responsible for the concept and infrastructure for the manipulation-proof digital consignment notes, and LAWA Solutions, which specialises in corporate software in the automobile logistics sector.

The goal is to further enhance the security and efficiency of processes within the value-added chain for automobile logistics. This entails using a digital consignment note, which covers the various stages in the logistics process ranging from loading to transportation and even the handover of the items. A fingerprint, what is known as a hash value, is generated through this document and is transferred to the blockchain. The blockchain network checks whether the transaction is unique using a smart contract and also establishes the link between the vehicle and the freight document. A valid transaction is recorded in the blockchain together with the time stamp and the GPS coordinates. A web service enables those with access to the blockchain to verify the validity of any freight document and the vehicle identification number (VIN) that it contains.

ETECTURE has developed the infrastructure required for this and the smart contracts that are being used; the local application relies on the telematics software developed by LAWA Solutions to record and process the data.

“This is an important milestone for MOSOLF and it underlines our company’s innovative capacity. As a result, we’re able to create transparency along our value chain and offer our customers genuine added value,” says Dr Jörg Mosolf, CEO of MOSOLF SE & Co. KG.

“By launching our first blockchain and learning from the insights that we’ve gained, we can now complete further projects. We’re working on other solutions with ETECTURE and LAWA Solutions in order to simplify the entire value-added process for our customers, from the end of the production line to recycling, and to develop new opportunities for application,” Antonio Marsano, Head of IT and Digitalisation at MOSOLF, adds.