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65 Years MOSOLF

1955 - 2020


MOSOLF Corporate Film

Trucker Team MOSOLF - Documentary

Episode 6

"The drivers have far more responsibility than just loading, unloading and driving the truck. What the truck drivers have to do these days is very extensive. We provide on-site assistance with loading and we also are in permanent dialog with our drivers to bring their knowledge back into our expertise. We learn from each other." Daniel Struhs is one of 12 colleagues in the central quality department of MOSOLF who, together with the drivers, ensure more safety and high-quality transports.

You are our logistics heroes!

Episode 5

"The nice thing is still: you come around, you see a lot, you constantly meet new people."

When our Jürgen from MOSOLF Saarlouis tells us from the past and today and fleet manager Jens Elflein explains his point of view, one knows: the men make their job out of passion. Respect for all truck drivers - you are our logistics heroes!

Episode 4

"You have to be a good team. When you have to work with people that you don't like it won't work out. At our house I think everybody has fun."

What you often do not see: in addition to truck drivers, there is still a large team of colleagues to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Responsible for this, among others André and his workshop team in Kirchheim. Daily trucker life behind the scenes. The best truck drivers need a working team.

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Part 3

"At the beginning you drive very carefully. Drive up five more times, brake five more times, get off five more times. Checking, which car you can put where - from height and distance. That's the main problem at the beginning. But by the time you know that by heart, how to put which car where and you drive the car very precise onto the car transporter."

To load the car transporter with the maximum of cars is fun, challenging and fills with pride. We accompany Kevin, professional truck driver at our compound Saarlouis, on his tour from Rackwitz to the Saarland.

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Part 2

"You definitely stay in motion. That also benefits me a lot. If I just drove, I'd probably look like a marshmallow someday."

With Andreas and Jürgen on our compound in Düsseldorf. Rhineland insights and views at MOSOLF.

Many thanks to the snack bar "Zum windigen Eck" in Dusseldorf's port. Very delicious! Highly recommended!

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Part 1

"I've always walked past trucks and said to myself: I'm sitting there sometime."

Self-confident, purposeful, conscientious and full of energy.

On the road with Steffi, trainee as a truck driver at our Saarlouis location.

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