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As your competent partner in the production of special vehicles, MOSOLF offers individual complete solutions from planning and development to final acceptance from a single provider.

Our services include vehicle installations, bodies and conversions for emergency services, trade and fleet operators, as well as special series for car manufacturers and dealers. In addition, we convert vehicles to alternative propulsion systems technologies, as well as retrofit. Our range of services has recently been supplemented with conversions of special vehicles as a cost-effective alternative to making new purchases.

We collaborate with well-known vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz AG, Ford-Werke GmbH, Volkswagen AG, MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH, Volvo Car Germany GmbH, Peugeot Deutschland GmbH, Renault Deutschland AG and others. Depending entirely on the customer's requirements, we either fit out the vehicles on site or supply plants with the technical equipment to fit out the vehicles.

In addition to vehicle conversions, we also offer integrated solutions for emergency services radio and component construction, from simple adapter cables and complete radio cabling through to complex systems for power, radio, audio, IT or video.


As a highly effective partner for police, fire brigade, relief organisations, private security companies and companies with small to large fleets, we currently convert up to 1,900 special vehicles per year, and we have capacity for more.


Model projects: civil police vehicles, radio patrol cars, semi-group cars, command cars, police motorcycles, group cars, command cars, loudspeaker cars, processing cars, ambulance equipment cars, emergency ambulances

Models / One-offs

Model projects: escort vehicles, broadcasting vehicles, police boats, test vehicles, special investigative vehicles, hazardous goods transport vehicles

Large Projects

Model projects: emergency command vehicle ELW3 for fire brigade Hamburg, high-capacity task force vehicle GEKW for fire brigade Bochum, roll-off container AB-A FüSt for fire brigade Frankfurt a.M., emergency command vehicle ELW2 for DRK Essen, water cannon WaWe10 for German Federal Police


The development and production of special multi-range antennas and compact radio equipment carriers is one of our particular strengths.

Model projects: handheld radios, listening devices, documentation devices, equipment containers for retrofitting digital radios

You can find more information on public safety radio component construction here.