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Concrete information supports us to identify serious violations of rules or laws, to avoid them and to settle them in the long term. This information can prevent damage to MOSOLF and its employees and Third parties.
For this purpose, in the event of specific indications of serious violations of our codes and guidelines, the attention and willingness of all employees and third parties is required to react to violations and report these themselves such as:

  • Corruption, 
  • Conflicts of interest, 
  • Competition and antitrust laws,
  • Theft,
  • Discrimination or 
  • Violation of human rights

The whistleblower system offers employees and third parties the opportunity to provide transparent information and specific advice about illegal behaviour

  • Anonymously
  • Multilingually
  • Anytime and 
  • Online (24/7)

The whistleblower system is provided by an external service provider in order to protect the anonymity of the whistleblower. It guarantees the greatest possible protection for the whistleblower and those affected. The information is always treated confidentially and fairly as part of the external processing process.

You can reach the external page under the link: