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Horst Mosolf, the founder of the automobile logistics specialist of the same name, passed away in Friedrichshafen at the age of 87 on August 14, 2015. He had been the Senior Manager of the Mosolf Group until the very end.

“My father was a man of extraordinary skills; he had great business foresight and far-reaching visions. His tireless efforts turned the Mosolf Group into what it is today. It was just as important for him to work on an equal footing with customers as to always have an open ear to the concerns of his employees,” says Dr. Jörg Mosolf, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Manager of the Mosolf Group.

Turbulent times
Having been born in Wittstock an der Dosse, which is now in the state of Brandenburg, in 1928, Horst Mosolf’s childhood and youth were dominated by war, imprisonment and escaping trouble. He had to look on as his family lost everything on three occasions – finally when the East German authorities confiscated what his parents owned. In response, the family fled to West Germany via Berlin in 1953.

Horst Mosolf and his wife Marianne founded a freight forwarding company for transporting vehicles and providing technical services at Kirchheim/Teck in the state of Baden-Württemberg as early as 1955. The young entrepreneur had discovered a gap in the market in the transport sector at the age of 28. The Mosolf Group has now developed into a global service provider with 2,500 employees at 30 bases spread across Europe.

Success based on foresight
The trained freight forwarding agent always had the right instinct during the complete history of the company and could anticipate customer needs and provide support for them. He recognised at an early stage that vehicle manufacturers not only needed transport operations, but also facilities like storage areas and other services.

To ensure that the company could offer these further services near the factories or at the most important handling centres, Mosolf set up business sites in the European market, starting in the early 1960s. The first branch was established near the Belgian port of Antwerp. The automobile logistics specialist worked as a vehicle exporter and shipped vehicles that were made in Germany to destinations overseas. The Mosolf Group later continued this expansion process in Spain, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and even overseas.

Lifetime achievements honoured
The achievements of Horst Mosolf the businessman are reflected in the many awards that he received. Among others, he was given the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Business Medal presented by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Order of Merit from the state of Brandenburg.

During a celebration of his lifetime achievements at the presentation of the European Carrier Award by the long-standing Mosolf customer, Daimler, in 2014, Horst Mosolf said, “If you have a vision in life that you strive after, that’s enough motivation to use all your strength to make it come true.”

His death has triggered a huge degree of dismay. The Mosolf Group employees will always treasure fond memories of him and continue the business in line with his vision.