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MOSOLF introduces new telematics

MOSOLF is taking a further step towards digitalization and a transparent value chain. From line end to recycling, the various processes within vehicle logistics should be made visible for our customers, including transport status or progress reports of services such as PDI, SMART / SPOT repair, preparation, marketing images, etc.

Another component in this endeavour is the introduction of a new telematics system into our truck fleet that interfaces with our other systems. Via the new telematics solution, a wide variety of transport data can be transmitted in real time to the administration program of our dispatch department. At the same time, the software provides our truck drivers with all the relevant information about the respective order, e. g. collection and supply modalities. There are also plans on adding a geofencing function to the telematics system and building an interface to our customer platform MYOUR. In this way we can ensure that our customers are able to access real-time data concering their vehicle delivery at any time.

The new Android-based software will replace our previous system. It should be available in all trucks of the MOSOLF fleet, including the ones of our subcontractors, by the end of the year.

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